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w2bi's Q-GENERIC®, fully automates 1x System Determination Test Plan approved by CDMA Certification Forum (CCF)


San Diego, Calif., March 31st, 2009 w2bi, Inc. announced that Q-GENERIC®, a turn-key test solution, fully automates the recently approved by CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) 1x System Determination Test Plan.  The test plan is based upon the CDG document 143 “Recommended System Selection Requirements for 1X and 1xEVDO capable terminals” and was developed with input contributions from leading CDMA network operators, OEMs, hardware vendors, and w2bi.  w2bi created and deployed the first industry generic solution , Q-GENERIC,  for System Acquisition testing three years ago.  Q-GENERIC verifies the system acquisition capabilities of a device loaded with any operator’s PRL and includes 200+ test scenarios for CDMA2000 and 1000+ for 1xEVDO.   Q-GENERIC product is commercially available April 1, 2009 to test the CCF approved 1X test plan.


About w2bi, Inc.
w2bi, Inc., Wireless to Business Integration, based in NJ, is a leading provider of automated wireless device test solutions.  Its Q-GENERIC, QUIKPROBE™, Q-DAAT™ and QUIKDRIVE™ line of products have been used by wireless operators, OEMs and chipset providers to deliver quality products to market faster.  For further information, visit or contact


About the CCF
The CCF is a partnership of CDMA vendors and operators worldwide that has established and maintains a single core global device certification process. The CCF process allows quick and affordable certification of devices so they meet prescribed international performance requirements. This process improves quality through consistent interoperability, signaling conformance, and performance testing. For more details, visit the CCF Web site at