The International 450 Association (IA450) Endorses The CCF Certification Process Offering New Quality And Savings Benefits For CDMA 450 Vendors And Operators Worldwide

January 10th, 2008 -- The International 450 Association (IA450), whose mission is to promote the use of CDMA2000® in the 450MHz band (CDMA450), is pleased to announce it’s support for the CCF certification process for all CDMA 450 devices.

The CCF (CDMA Certification Forum) provides the most efficient time and cost to market certification available to the CDMA industry today. Using this global testing process as their test standard helps CDMA vendors and operators achieve unprecedented economy of scales when deploying their devices worldwide.

“By accepting CCF Certification, we provide the CDMA 450 industry with the opportunity to consolidate their testing solution using a single global certification process that will significantly improve their competitiveness’ says Tina Radford, Chairman of the I450. “ Many of the CDMA450 operators are already requiring the CCF Certification process and more will soon follow in an effort to reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and improve the end-user experience.”

“The CCF testing process represents on average 18 weeks of time saved compared to traditional test processes and as much as US$400,000 in certifications costs per device” says Thomas Erickson, president and CEO of the CCF.  “To date, 10 device vendors and 17 CDMA operators including Nokia and TATA Indicom have adopted the process.  Last year, an estimated 60% of all certified CDMA devices used the CCF process.”
The CCF certification tests are conducted exclusively by Authorized Test Facilities present all over the world that undergo a rigorous set of audits to ensures the quality of their equipment and testing standards, as well as the repeatability and accuracy of the results.

About IA450
The International 450 Association promotes the use of CDMA2000® in the 450MHz spectrum and surrounding bands (CDMA450) on a global basis.   The primary focus is to provide guidance and support to Operators around the world interested in deploying CDMA450 technology and propose policy positions and recommended actions relating to regulatory and standards matters at a national, regional, and international level.  More information about the International 450 Association can be found on the IA450 web site at

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About the CCF
Every day the CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) is playing a critical role in ensuring that CDMA2000 devices come to market faster and at a lower cost than ever before. It certifies that CDMA2000 devices meet the requisite product conformance, network interoperability, and essential performance specifications dictated by international standards bodies. A critical partnership between CDMA operators and vendors, CCF is a global non-profit organization with members companies from Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America.  For more information about the CCF, visit the CCF Web site at

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Company Name: CDMA Certification Forum