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After listening to the need of operators and vendors worldwide, CCF has recently made some important changes to the procedure that vendors have to follow to get their devices certified.
Vendors are now able to get their devices certified through any test facility (in-house or outsourced) that use test platforms* validated by the CCF. This improvement greatly enhances vendors’ control over the overall process, allowing them to compare labs for the best price or quickest turnover, or even by managing the process through an in-house lab, greatly reducing cost and time.
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Vendors can however continue working with one of the CCF Authorized Facilities (ATFs) listed on this website. ATFs complete CCF Certification on test platforms that have been validated by the CCF. All ATFs are accredited ISO17025 and audited by an authorized CCF expert.
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NOTE: The CCF Certification has integrated the CTIA Market Endorsement in its process. The purpose of the CTIA certification program is to verify conformance of CDMA wireless devices to define industry standards for the North American market. Products that may be certified include, but are not limited to, mobile phones, PDAs, wireless data devices, PC cards, modules and devices with embedded modules.
The CCF in partnership with Interlab, developed an online Test Plan Database (TPDB) that enables the creation of device-specific test plans that may be used to test and Certify Terminal Devices through the use of the CCF Certification Process. The TPDB contains test cases, which have been defined in test specifications from various organizations, including the CCF, 3GPP2, OMA and others.
The CCF TPDB provides vendors the ability to create a Device Definition Table (DDT) that clearly defines the features and functions supported by the Terminal Device. Using the DDT, the TPDB will generate a test plan specific to each Terminal Device. This TPDB-generated test plan may then be used by a Testing Facility to perform testing of the Terminal Device.
The test plan that is generated clearly defines the testing requirements of the device for the purpose of obtaining CCF Certification.
All test cases included in a test plan shall be executed on Test Platforms validated by the CCF and all required test cases must pass in order for the Terminal Device to complete CCF Certification.
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CCF Test Plan Database
CCF Process Guide
CCF Certification Database
The CCF single certification process helps vendors and operators worldwide accelerate the qualification of devices and reduce certification cost while providing customers with excellent products that have been thoroughly and independently tested.
Some of the benefits of the CCF certification process include:
  • Consistency: Using the same test process for all CDMA devices ensures that they all conform to the same quality and performance standards.
  • Minimized replication and cost: Because the test results generated meet most operators' basic needs, you can use these results for multiple operators.
  • Minimized test time: The efficient streamlined process greatly reduces certification time, and hence shortens time-to-market.
  • More: Click here to listen to what Lou LaMedica from Verizon says about the benefits of certification
The CCF Certification Process accelerates the qualification of CDMA devices
and reduces certification cost.
The CCF in partnership with CDMA industry’s major players has developed the best CDMA certification process available today. The CCF certification consolidates in one clear and concise process, all the minimum performance, interoperability and conformance testing necessary to ensure that all CDMA2000 devices are certified to operate in accordance with their respective global industry standards.
NOTE: The CCF global certification process is an evolutionary step forward from the now retired CDG recommended test guidelines, known as CDG 1, 2 and 3.
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