Why Get Your Device Certified?

The CCF certification process facilitates the way devices are tested and prepared for commercialization. It reduces the testing time while ensuring high-quality standards and reducing testing costs.



  • Fast track through operators testing process: uncover issues with your devices before they go through operators' process or hit the market.
  • Consistency: Using the same test process for all CDMA devices ensures that they all conform to the same quality and performance standards.
  • Minimized replication and cost: Because the test results generated meet most operators' basic needs worldwide, you can use these results for multiple operators.
  • Minimized test time: The efficient streamlined process greatly reduces certification time, and hence shortens time-to-market.
  • More: Click here to listen to what Lou LaMedica from Verizon says about the benefits of certification



Our certification process is a global standard designed to certify CDMA devices quickly and affordably.

Ensure Minimum Handset Performance
  Essential to Operate on any IS-2000 Network

Ensure Maximum Network Capacity
Measure Hand-Off Timing
   Measure Power Control

Enhance End-User Experience
   Verify Voice Quality
   Verify Network Availability

Enhanced End-User Experience Stable, Reliable And High-Quality Devices, Plus Services
Larger Addressable Market Larger Selection of Devices For Great Number Of Markets
Greater Focus On Product Differentiation More Time Available To Test High-End Applications
Enhanced Value Proposition Better Quality, Reduced Time-To-Market And Lower Costs