The CDMA Certification Forum or CCF, is a partnership between CDMA operators and CDMA device vendors to establish and maintain a core global device certification process that helps improve quality through consistent interoperability, conformance and performance testing across the globe.

Under the guidance of industry leading CDMA operators , vendors, chip vendors and test facilities, the CCF has developed and implemented the only CDMA certification process to consolidate in one clear and concise program all the basic minimum performance, interoperability and conformance testing necessary to ensure that all CDMA devices certified are operating according to the industry standards.

The CCF also addresses the testing and certification of new/emerging technologies such as Open Market, R-UIM, and more. CCF members are organized in working groups that discuss ways to guide the wireless industry and develop processes that help vendors and operators to successfully and rapidly get their devices through certification.

The CDMA Certification Forum is a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit - 501(c)(6) Corporation. The organization currently consists of one standing committee, 2 working groups and 3 sub-working groups. The Steering Committee has broad representation from across the CDMA industry and is responsible for day-to-day tactical management of the CCF. A Technical Working Group has been established with the primary charter of defining, validating, implementing, and evolving device certification test plans. A Certification Working Group has been established with the primary charter of defining, implementing, and evolving a certification process for CDMA devices, an authorization process for test labs, and a platform validation process for commercial test platforms. Additional working groups and sub-working groups are established as needed to achieve the objectives set for by the Steering Committee.