CCF Test Plan Database

The CCF Test Plan is made up of two parts.

1.  A document -  CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) Certification Test Plan for cdma2000 Mobile Stations - Laboratory

The current version of this document is 11.7.0 with a release date of 13 March 2012.

2.  The CCF Test Plan Database.

The current version of the CCF Test Plan is 13.0 with a release date of 27 October 2011.


 For Test Plan Database access follow this link:


Click here for more detailed information on the Test Plan Database


Getting Started....
How to logon to the CCF Test Plan Database for the first time:



1.  Enter “User Name” (typically first initial and last name)
2.  Click on "Reset Password"
3.  Your Password will be sent to your e-mail address
4.  Receive your "Password" by e-mail
5.  When you are ready to access the CCF Test Plan Database click on the link below:



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